Owner's message

Husband and wife team Carlos and Christina Villasana opened Artz in Motion in 2009, with the purpose of introducing the music, dance, arts and cultural education to all students ages 2 to adults at affordable prices for all who really enjoy and love the "ARTZ".

The studio became a reality from their own two boys who inspired them and then they soon realized the "ARTZ" really matters. And especially today, since the arts, music, dance and cultural education is getting cut out of the public schools, how can students express themselves and unleash talent that is hidden deep down inside them. The "ARTZ" does wonders to all of us.  With our boys enjoying such talents as hip hop, acro and tumbling, karate, art and piano. This is how again this studio became a place to explore all of that. This studio offers it all. Arts and dance instruction give students a chance to truly express themselves and to show their inner creativity. We believe every student should have the opportunities to dance. Parents who support and who give their child the opportunities will find in return, it makes them more complete, better thinkers and helps appreciate the world and people around them. Arts and dance instruction will make students more focused on themselves, in education and in their classroom. We have truly found that through our boys and students alike.

So when you walk through our studio doors, our professional dance instructors who share the same philosophy as us - are there for you, we are going to explore a whole other side of creativity. Got Talent? Got Dance?  Join us!  Experience the sensation of ARTZ & DANCE!

AIM's mission:

Is to bring out the artist and dance performer in our students. Visual, performing and interdisciplinary programs will allow students to practice the performances that will last a lifetime and help them enjoy the true meaning of the ARTZ.